February 19, 2005

HB 789 is Slashdotted

The HB 789 issue has just been posted to Slashdot. Welcome to the Slashdot readers who find their way here. If you live in Texas, please check back frequently—and consider joining our mailing list. We have to let the Texas legislature know that muni networks are important, and you can help us do that.

Posted by chip at February 19, 2005 09:48 AM

I slid here via Slashdot and may not have known about the municipal wireless because Iím far removed from all things municipal. From this largely underrepresented perspective, it looks like thereís a point left to be made regarding corporate vendors. These vendors have universally failed, or refused, to market to us hicks outside of town.

The government is, at least in theory, the people; the proposed law would ban us from taking care of ourselves. If they wish to do this, then there is an implicit obligation to take care of us. I live nine miles from the nearest town and no broadband provider of any sort is willing to provide me connectivity for any price. Instead I pay nearly $100 a month for a satellite connection that is somewhere between broadband and dialup.

From where I stand, communication companies that have refused to help me get connectivity have no right to hijack my right to fix the problem myself.

Posted by: at February 19, 2005 10:59 AM