March 12, 2005

Bill Gurley: Six reasons states should say no to broadband limits

Venture capitalist and tech visionary Bill Gurley lists six reasons why states should say no to laws banning municipal networks.

1. The primary reason legislators are proposing to "take rights" from these towns and cities is to reduce or eliminate competition for the incumbent telephone and cable companies.

2. An oligopoly is not a free market.

3. Taking these rights from municipalities will slow American innovation by limiting demand for services like VOIP, streaming education, video on demand.

4. Even if a city has no intention of deploying wireless services, it is still in that city's best interest to retain the right to do so, to gain a better negotiating position.

5. It is reasonable for a city to choose to offer broadband as a community service, just as cities provide schools, libraries, road maintenance, security, fire protection etc.

6. A founding American principle - localized government whenever possible.

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Posted by alevin at March 12, 2005 02:00 PM