March 21, 2005

American Electronics Association Supports Muni Broadband

The Texas Council of the American Electronics Association, the largest high-tech trade association in the nation, has thrown their support to municipal networks. Last week, in a letter to Rep. King, the association said:

Municipalities should not face government prohibition from offering broadband services when they see the needs of the citizenry are not being met by private industry. Outright prohibitions and unreasonable restrictions on municipalities will only further hinder progress being made on statewide deployment. A carve out allowing municipalities to construct broadband facilities to only serve public parks and libraries is not sufficient. AeA believes the provision in House Bill 789 on the prohibition of municipal services will negatively impact delivery of crucial broadband services to Texas residents.

View the complete letter. (440KB PDF)

Posted by chip at March 21, 2005 08:17 AM