March 23, 2005

HB 789 Debate Today

HB 789 is on today's calendar to be debated in the Texas House of Representatives. You can watch the session on live streaming video (using Real Player).

We expect an amendment will be introduced today to put the muni network ban back into the bill. It is not too late to contact your state representative and ask them to oppose the ban.

12:30pm update: House stands adjourned until 1:15pm today. HB 789 is still pending.

2:10pm update: HB 789 is on the floor now. is liveblogging the debate.

2:30pm update: The anti-muni amendment is on the floor right now. Austin Rep. Todd Baxter is vigorously defending muni broadband at this moment. Go Todd!

3:50pm update: The anti-muni amendment has been temporarily withdrawn. There have been multiple amendments-to-the-amendment proposed. Those are being sorted out now, and a new version will be up shortly.

5:30pm update: Rep. Puente just announced they are still working the amendements. A moment ago Rep. Cook put forward an amendment that would allow muni utilities to offer wholesale access (i.e. sell to ISPs but not end users) with excess BPL capacity. This was accepted, and it sounds like a positive move.

5:40pm update: Rep. Puente's amendment to 54.202 has been amended and accepted. We'll report back once we have a chance to see the actual language.

7:50pm update: All the HB 789 amendments introduced today are here. Amendment 36 (by Rep. Luna) is the one that addresses the muni wireless issue.

Posted by chip at March 23, 2005 10:35 AM

Under Puente's amendment, would the grandfather clause allow the City of Austin to leave its infrastructure for wi-fi in place even if it doesn't serve in a city park?

Posted by: at March 23, 2005 03:15 PM