March 28, 2005

Favorite quote #1 from HB789 debate, March 23

Rep. Sylvester Turner, speaking to Rep. Puente, the sponsor of the municipal wireless ban.

Are you aware that some of the same private companies you are seeking to protect are also receiving public dollars from the Texas Universal Service Fund? Is it fair for these companies -- who will receive $1.2 billion in public dollars -- to compete with other companies who are in the private sector by getting dollars from the Texas Universal Service Funds?
Is it fair to vote yes, to say to the cities that you cannot provide services to areas the private sector is not providing, and at the same time to allow these companies to receive hundreds of millions of public dollars from the USF. Can they have it both ways?
Is it fair for us to vote for your amendment and continue the hypocritical process of allowing certain companies to receive public dollars, but now allow the cities to provide basic services to areas that have been ignored for a long period of time?
Posted by alevin at March 28, 2005 03:09 AM