May 10, 2005

Action Alert: HB789 stuck as amendment onto another Senate Bill -- Senator Nelson this is a controversial issue

May 11 update: Sen. Nelson is opposed to these harmful changes. She has gone on the record saying that she wants a "clean" bill that addresses only the PUC sunset issue. So, if you contact Sen. Nelson's office, please thank her for supporting handling these controversial provisions separately, so they may get a full public hearing.

Please see our updated action alert.

Last night, Representative Phil King added HB789 -- and another highly controversial bill, HB3719 -- as an amendment to SB408 -- the Public Utilities Commission sunset bill sponsored by Senator Jane Nelson.

This move is intended to bypass Senate debate. HB789 had been in Senator Fraser's Business and Commerce Committee, which has been hearing from consumer, industry, and community network groups on the issue.

Please tell Senator Nelson that HB789 has controversial and negative consequences including:
* reducing availability of high-speed internet to cities and towns
* hurting rural areas that lack high-speed internet, and the competitiveness of urban areas
* reducing local control over necessary infrastructure

Please let Senator Nelson's office that bypassing debate is the wrong way to handle this controversial issue. Ask her to halt this stealth move.

Senator Nelson's office can be reached at:

(512) 463-0112

Posted by alevin at May 10, 2005 03:45 PM