May 19, 2005

ACT NOW: Contact State Senators

May 27 update: This action alert has been superceded. New action alert here.


Action is needed now to save Community Internet in Texas.

The Texas Senate is about to consider a version of HB 789 that is actually good for Community Internet. If this version passes, then the Texas legislature will have to reconcile it with the bad version that passed the House, which gives us a chance to undo the damage done there.

This is not the scenario that the big communication company lobbyists want. We expect they will try to get the Senate to modify HB 789 so that it contains the wireless networks ban currently in the House version. Your action is needed to prevent this from happening.

Take Action Now

Contact your State Senator and ask him or her to oppose any changes to HB 789 that create barriers to municipal broadband services. Restrictions on municipal broadband are bad because they:

  • reduce availability of high-speed internet to cities and towns.
  • hurt rural areas that lack competitive high-speed internet.
  • reduce local control over necessary infrastructure.
  • benefit only incumbent communication providers, at the expense of all other Texas businesses and consumers.

This bill could be voted on as early as tomorrow. Please telephone or fax your state senator today. Contact information for your senator is at:

Posted by chip at May 19, 2005 12:14 PM