June 01, 2005

Special Session to include telecom?

The Quorum Report reports that Lt. Gov Dewhurst believes the failed telecom bills may be revived as part of the lure for a special session.

At a post-session lunch with the press corps, Dewhurst "speculated that TRBs [Tuition Revenue Bonds], judicial pay raises and telecom reform could be added to the "call" for a special session, if House and Senate members could come together on school finance.

Please call the Lt. Gov's office at 512-463-0001 and Governor Perry's office at 800-252-9600. Let them know that the telecom issues have been thoroughly addressed by both houses in the past legislative session and there is no need to revive it now. The market and technology are changing -- an interim study might be helpful, but revisiting the debate is not needed.

Posted by alevin at June 1, 2005 10:13 AM