June 23, 2005

Senators McCain, Lautenberg to file bill protecting Municipal Broadband

from Techdirt, via Fergie.

Senators John McCain and Frank Lautenberg are introducing the Community Broadband Act of 2005, which would guarantee local governments the right to explore municipal broadband as an option. It doesn't encourage municipal broadband or suggest it's the right option. It just clears the way for cities to explore the option if they believe it's best for their citizens. This sounds like a reasonable law, outside of the scary fact that it's needed in the first place. It still seems like many cities shouldn't offer municipal broadband, as it offers no real benefit. Also, it's likely that many municipal efforts will be implemented poorly. However, that's no reason not to have the option out there for local governments to offer the service if they believe it makes sense.
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Also commented on by Glenn Fleishman:

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