August 09, 2005

Telecom May Return

Reports are circulating that the legislature will take up a stopgap school financing measure today, and follow that with the long simmering telecom legislation.

The current SB 5/HB 13 language does not contain the community Internet prohibitions that concerned us. Nonetheless, Save Muni Wireless is opposing this legislation.

We are concerned that on the greater issue of broadband availability, the proposed legislation does nothing to increase the number of broadband competitors in Texas. We also are concerned about the risk to community networks by the actions of a tired and weary legislature, rushing to push through this sweetheart legislation.

Community interest groups are planning a press event this morning, to ask state leaders to oppose this hurried, special interest legislation. Save Muni Wireless will be participating.

Please contact your state representatives today and ask them to reject the rush to special interest legislation.

Posted by chip at August 9, 2005 07:20 AM

The Legislature continues to say that they will support open wireless connectivity and now is considering selling out to big business. Please don't let SBC run the State of Texas. Cities provide streets to connect the public and wireless will help connect the public. If SBC becomes a player it will be revenue based only.

Posted by: at August 9, 2005 12:17 PM