August 19, 2005

Corpus Christi joins the Digital Communities

Intel has launched a Digital Communities initiative, to help municipalities obtain the information they need to successfully deploy new broadband technologies. Corpus Christi is one of the three communities world-wide chosen to highlight the benefit of these new broadband services.

One of the novel aspects of the Corpus Christi network is the focus on mobile access. The impacts are widespread, from improved public safety to reducing the cost of meter reading.

In the case study overview (284KB PDF), Intel says about Corpus:

The 281,000 citizens of Corpus Christi will be able to access many city services online, and the city expects benefits in the areas of education, economic vitality and lower crime rates. Approximately 70 percent of the city's 3,100 employees work in the field and will benefit from dozens of planned mobile solutions. These advantages will also extend to the many employees of county, port authority, state and federal departments who work in the community.

Read more at Red Herring. (The Corpus Christi paper also has an article, but it's hidden behind a registration page.)

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If you use BugMeNot, the link to the Caller-Times editorial is here:,1641,CCCT_840_4023154,00.html

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