February 28, 2005

NETWI (North East Texas Wireless Initiative)

The Northeast Texas Wireless Initiative (NETWI) provides community wireless internet access supported by the town, the police department, local churches and businesses, with transmitters on local water towers and buildings. NETWI service currently is available in Atlanta and Queen City, and is looking to expand into nearby areas.

David Davault of NETWI has told us of the difficulty of getting network access to his small, rural communities until they put in wireless acess, "In Queen City and Atlanta, many letter-writing campaigns, and all requests for service by individuals and businesses from our ILEC fell on deaf ears until the announcement of our project in Jan. 2004."



Mr. Lynn Jones
Northeast Texas Wireless Initiative
Atlanta and Queen City, TX
(903) 796-0227

Posted by chip at February 28, 2005 09:29 PM