May 27, 2005

ACT NOW: Final Chance to Save Muni Wireless


Action is needed now to save Community Internet in Texas. If you have taken previous action on this issue, we need your support one more time. If you have not had a chance to act, this is your final opportunity.

This week, the Texas Senate passed a version of HB 789 that is good for Community Internet. Now, a conference committee will reconcile it against the House version, which bans municipal wireless networks. The committee will decide this week whether muni networks should be supported or outlawed.

Thanks to your support, the Texas Senate showed the courage to resist pressure from the big communication providers and to support Community Internet. Now, we must convince the conferees to take the same bold step and turn back the ban on muni wireless once and for all.

Take Action Now

At this time, the House has designated their conference committee members. We are still awaiting appointments from the Senate. This alert will be updated once that information is available.

The decision on muni wireless will be made this weekend. Please contact the conference committee members:

Member Phone Fax
Sen. Troy Fraser 512-463-0124 512-475-3732
Rep. Phil King 512-463-0378 512-463-1957
Rep. Todd Baxter 512-463-0631 512-236-1065
Rep. Robby Cook 512-463-0370 512-436-9955
Rep. Joe Crabb 512-463-0520 512-463-5896
Rep. Will Hartnett 512-463-0576 512-463-7827

Ask the conferees to reject creating any barriers to municipal broadband networks. Restrictions on municipal broadband are bad because they:

  • reduce availability of high-speed internet to cities and towns.
  • hurt rural areas that lack competitive high-speed internet.
  • reduce local control over necessary infrastructure.
  • benefit only incumbent communication providers, at the expense of all othe r Texas businesses and consumers.
Posted by chip at May 27, 2005 09:46 AM