May 24, 2005

HB789 Senate debate TODAY

HB789 is on the Senate Calendar for today. We expect an amendment by Senator Van de Putte of San Antonio to propose to add back the ban on municipal wireless.

Watch the debate on your computer. The session starts at 10am.

UPDATE: The bill is up now, 12 Noon

If you haven't yet called your Senator yet, please call now. The Senate staff brings information to the Senators while they are in session, so it is not too late.

Senator Williams' offices said that calls were coming in 50/50 for and against. Please call and help tip the balance if you live in Senator Williams' district.

The San Antonio contingent (Senators Van de Putte, Madla, Zaffirini, and Wentworth) are tempted to vote with SBC. If you live in San Antonio, please let them know that their voters care, and don't want to sacrifice economic strength and civic live for SBC.

Posted by alevin at May 24, 2005 09:52 AM